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The Finishes

*Samples displayed are a representation of the actual manufacturer’s color. Colors may vary slightly from those shown. Ask your Sales Representative for actual color samples before purchasing.

How does ecoFINISH compare to
other traditional pool coatings?

Our coatings virtually eliminate all of the problems of traditional cementitious, fiberglass, and painted surfaces. They can be applied to new or remodel aquatic surfaces to provide a beautiful, long-lasting finish that will not mottle, chalk, peel, or blister. They are available in a variety of different colors, and all are chemical, stain, and fade resistant. Your facilities will love the look and feel, the easy care, and the lower chemical usage.

Slip Resistant Application for aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO®

Slip Resistant Application for aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO®

Any aquatic area with high traffic such as slide entrances, zero-entry and wading pools can safely have aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO applied to them. Our slip resistant application process for aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO® is an ideal for surfaces such as steps, benches, and beach entries to assist in the prevention of accidents at ingress or egress points in a pool. This is a special application process using same high quality tested materials, but just a different application process. Be sure to contact your representative for more details. 

* If you are looking for the non skid abrasive coating visit our ecoDUSTRIAL line. The abrasive coatings are not recommended for aquatic entryways or features.

About ecoFinish

ecoFINISH® High Performance Coatings is the world’s first, largest, and fastest growing manufacturer of polymer coatings. Our pneumatically applied high performance thermal plastic coatings have their own patented installation system, and eliminates most shortcomings found in other industrial and aquatic coatings. From our aquaBRIGHT and polyFIBRO for aquatic coatings, to our ecoDUSTRIAL coatings for industrial use, ecoFINISH has a finish that is right for your needs.