1. Eliminate Quartz Sand Problems

Cement-based finishes are prone to cracking, staining and flaking; These problems can lead to expensive repairs and dissatisfied customers. AquaBright is not cement-based and is not susceptible to the problems associated with quartz sand finishes.

2. Reduce Waste

One of the best ways to minimize our impact on the environment is to reduce the waste associated with pool paint and quartz sand finishes. No trucks or heavy equipment are needed to transport and apply the finishes to the aquaBright pool.

3. Regain Control Of Your Project

There is no need for subcontractors, you will have full control of the entire project. Your two-person team will complete the work in a timely manner.

4. Save Warehouse Space

Storing all associated materials that accompany the plastering of a pool can occupy valuable space in the warehouse.

5. Eliminate Competition

You gain an advantage over the competition that only offers traditional quartz sand and additional finishes.

6. Higher Profits

Installing the aquaBright pool finish will reduce the company’s costs. Huge teams of quartz sand and big trucks that consume fuel are no longer needed. The use of smaller vehicles, the reuse of leftover materials, less competition and more references contribute to increased profits.

7. Reduce The Environmental Impact

AquaBright has zero VOC. Our eco-friendly finish does not contain solvents and reduces waste associated with pool paints and quartz sand. There is no need for water on trucks, as aquaBright is instantly corrected.

8. Easy Client Startup

As you know, a familiar problem with cement-based finishes is calcium leaching which requires the use of aggressive chemicals. AquaBright is fixed instantly. Your customer doesn’t need to use caustic chemicals… it’s just ‘Balance and Swim’.

9. Repairability

Flawless repairs are another outstanding feature. When it’s time to repair imperfections, imperfections or imperfections … AquaBright is the quick and easy solution for swimming pools, spas and steps made of fiberglass, cement, steel, aluminum and hybrids.

10. AquaBright Has A Ten-Year Warranty