ecoDUSTRIAL™ with BioCote®

We now offer our ecoDUSTRIAL™ Coatings with BioCote®. This antimicrobial additive can resist and help prevent the growth of microbes including bacteria and mold. With the BioCote® antimicrobial added to ecoDUSTRIAL™ Coatings, microbial colonization is minimized, making the devices easier to keep hygienically clean, reducing unpleasant odors, and the risk of infection caused by cross-contamination.

With the antimicrobial added, ecoDUSTRIAL™ is an ideal coating for food processing plants, chemical labs, schools, water treatment plants, and more.

Microbes are small organisms that include bacteria, mold and mildew. On an unprotected surface, microbes can double in as little as 20 minutes, and can survive on hard surfaces for many months. They can cause foul odors, cause cross contamination and spread illnesses.


BioCote® antimicrobial additives can be added to the ecoDUSTRIAL™ powders during the manufacturing process to provide built-in protection against the effects of microbes. ecoDUSTRIAL™ with BioCote®’s proven technology  reduces the potential for cross-contamination by preventing the growth of microbes including bacteria, mold and viruses.


A cleaner surface means less microbes to transfer to other products in the same environment, making ecoDUSTRIAL™

with BioCote® an ideal coating for surfaces in food processing plants, hospitals, laboratorys, schools, offices, and more.*

Why BioCote® is so Effective

Contact Time
Reduction (Initial)
Test Organism

Why BioCote®?

BioCote® technology is:

The Highlights

  • Classified as non-toxic to humans

  • Resistant exposure to commonly used cleaning disinfectants

  • BioCote® technology and products containing BioCote® technology do not cause microbial resistance.

  • Meets the requirements of the HACCP based Food Safety Program, noting the conditions of the certification statement Food Zone Classification: FZP

  • Compliant to US regulations: Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (EPA, US)

  • Compliant to EU regulations Biocide Products Regulation, EU Directives 528/2012, 1907/2006, 2011/65/EU.

* Biocote® and ecoDUSTRIAL™ with Biocote®  technology does not protect users or others against disease causing bacteria, germs, viruses or other harmful organisms. Biocote® and ecoDUSTRIAL™ with Biocote®  technology is not a substitute for good hygiene and/or cleaning practices.

Slip Resistant Application for aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO®

Any aquatic area with high traffic such as slide entrances, zero-entry and wading pools can safely have aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO applied to them. Our slip resistant application process for aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO® is an ideal for surfaces such as steps, benches, and beach entries to assist in the prevention of accidents at ingress or egress points in a pool. This is a special application process using same high quality tested materials, but just a different application process. Be sure to contact your representative for more details.

* If you are looking for the non skid abrasive coating visit our ecoDUSTRIAL line. The abrasive coatings are not recommended for aquatic entryways or features.

About ecoFinish

ecoFINISH® High Performance Coatings is the world’s first, largest, and fastest growing manufacturer of polymer coatings. Our pneumatically applied high performance thermal plastic coatings have their own patented installation system, and eliminates most shortcomings found in other industrial and aquatic coatings. From our aquaBRIGHT and polyFIBRO for aquatic coatings, to our ecoDUSTRIAL coatings for industrial use, ecoFINISH has a finish that is right for your needs.